week 11/14 Van Wyck

I am so excited we have already collected 24 canned/packaged items for the food pantry. This is part of our seventh grade service project.

It is very timely with our food collection that we are learning about one of Jesus’s miracles–turning 5 loves and 5 fishes into a meal for 5000 men. The students read this story out of their very own Bible. I shared with them how I have read the Bible at various times in my life. I picked out readings for my wedding and for my Dad’s funeral out of my Bible. God’s word is with us when we need it most.

Geometry has been our focus in math.. We reviewed some basic triangle and rectangle area/perimeter calculations. We reviewed supplementary and complementary angles. We learned about circumference and area of a circle and the concept of pi. The seventh grade will still celebrate pi day on March 14 (i.e 3.14) even though we are learning it now. We learned how to solve angle measures with parallel lines when intersected with a transversal line. Geometry was moved up in the curriculum to Fall/Winter as an initiative to improve Geometry aptitude. So far the students seem to be enjoying learning about this math core subject.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions!
Mrs Van Wyck