Week of Oct 3rd Mrs Van Wyck

8A: We are diving in to Chapter 3 Solving Linear Equations. I will be returning Chapter 2 test tomorrow. The last question on the test was a homework problem that was done in class–several students did not get the question correct. This may be an indication that students are not paying attention to homework and class notes. I did let the students know that 8B is now going to Algebra I. If this class is a struggle, moving to 8B is a great option. They are starting Chapter 1 Monday.

8B: By popular demand, we will be moving to Algebra I textbook and curriculum. All students at St Cletus are learning high school Algebra!

Religion: The focus this week is on “When did my journey begin?” We are talking about Baptism. Confirmation is a continuation of the journey we began at Baptism.