First Grade Fun!

Good afternoon, parents! We have completed week 2 in first grade and are learning alot and having a good time!
In Religion, we learned that God has created all of us and given us special gifts. We also went to Mass twice this week.  We are starting to learn the responses in Mass, as well as the songs.  We recognized our song from last year, “Strength for the Journey,” and are happy to sing that song again.
In English, we are busy learning the jingles for Shurley English. If you hear your child singing some cute rhymes, they are from Shurley English.
In Reading, we are listening to “Stellaluna” being read to us. We are talking about the story, the characters, and the beginning, middle and end. Very soon, we will be reading it independently.
In Spelling, we just finished Unit 1 on “sh” words. We start on Monday every week and work on the words thru different activities. On Friday we take our test to see which words we mastered. Very soon we will be having Spelling Bees!
In handwriting, we practice printing a letter a week. This week we practiced “Bb”.
In Science, we are learning about our five senses.  We are also learning different “Inquiry skills.” We are having some great discussions about these skills.  We also did a celery experiment and are looking forward to many more experiments.

The entire school is working on “PBIS,” or “Positive Behavior In School.”  We are learning our rules, and working hard to follow them.

I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend ahead, and comes back refreshed and ready to work hard in September.