First Grade Fun!

Good morning, St. Cletus school families! Happy February 22nd!
In First Grade, we are talking about our Lenten Sacrifices and Lenten Good Deeds. We have a rice bowl in class, and it’s already filled with change the children wanted to donate to the less fortunate. We are going to weekly Stations of the Cross on Friday afternoon. We are also planning our “Washing of the Feet” ceremony that we do on Holy Thursday.
Superkids is our Reading, Language Arts, and Phonics program that we do daily. We are learning so much!
We read so many different stories about first graders and the fun things that they do. We are writing stories using adjectives, nouns and verbs. We are doing book reports.
We are learning to write a friendly letter. Our days are filled with so many projects.
In Math, we continue to work on Geometry. We love learning about different shapes! In Science, we are learning about plants. With Spring around the corner, this knowledge can help up plant our own little gardens.
Our next unit in Social Studies helps us to learn about our Earth and its’ resources. This is very important information for all of us!
Please continue to talk about St. Cletus school to friends, family, and neighbors. We are working on enrollment for next year, and are always happy to welcome new families!
Have a Blessed Lent!