JK Newsletter May 10, 2024

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms, Aunts, Grandmas, and Women who show us God’s love! Our week was filled with talk of you and and the impact you have in their life! They are ALWAYS watching and admiring you!

Religion: Your child has grown and developed so much this school year.  God is always with us and showing us the way.  Please send in a baby picture of your child by Friday May 24th. @We will play GUESS WHO? Please label the picture so we can return it:)

Literacy: The children are doing great with the POPcorn words, and picking out words they recognize in our morning message.  Please ask them to look for words they know while reading to them, you will be surprised! 

Math: We love our number games! Kids are doing great recognizing their numbers and adding dice together too!

Science:  We are loving all the bugs outside.  Rolly Pollies, and worms seem to be what they are most excited about. Just wait until the Cicadas come…that will be exciting! We have bug boxes for them to make little homes for them.  We also stress the importance of being gentle, and letting them free when we are finished observing them.

Have a beautiful weekend

The JK Team