JK Newsletter May 3, 2024

We had a busy week in JK! We had a great week learning all about Dinosaurs!   I hope your kids came home and shared all the fun facts!

Some Questions for your children:

  • How big is a Stegosaurs’ brain? (as big as a dog’s brain)
  • Who was the line leader?
  • What color plant did you plant with Mrs. Jacobs? 

Religion: So much Love and Hope in Spring! Its popping up all around us! Mary, our Blessed Mother, is being celebrated for the month of May.  If you have any flowers you would like to have your child bring in we will put them by her statue in our classroom.  Our all school May Crowning Mass on Monday at 9:30.  We will also have mass on Tuesday morning as well!

Literacy: Our hard work is paying off.  The children are recognizing and reading more and more words each day.

Math: The kids are doing great with dice and graphing games. We are continuing to work on numbers 10-30

Science: Bugs, butterflies and plants all month! We will be doing bug investigations with bug boxes.  We are ready for the Cicadas!

The kids Love and will continue to do the Meteorology reports, but this time we will be emailing you the video of them in action:)


Have a great weekend!

The JK  Team