Kindergarten Newsletter, November 9

Upcoming Events:

  • Monday, November 12: Hot lunch, salad
  • Tuesday, November 13: Fall Open House for prospective families.  Current families are welcome to stop by too! 6-7:30; feast items due, if you signed up to send something in.
  • Wednesday, November 14: Hot Lunch, salad
  • Friday, November 16: Thanksgiving Feast; children should NOT bring a lunch to school this day, we will be feasting on the food we make!

What’s Due:

  • Feel free to place online Scholastic orders at any point throughout the year.  Consider this for Christmas gifts!  Any purchases through Scholastic result in bonus points for us which means more books for our classrooms.  New to signing up?  Enter classroom code: H2NGF.  Place your order online and we will submit it so you will receive your order within 2 weeks.

This Week:

  • The children enjoyed a visit from Mother Nature who acted out stories and nursery rhymes!
  • It was election day in kindergarten!  Farmer Brown vs. Duck…ask your child who won and what each candidate promised! Part of the campaign promise was fulfilled on Friday with some extra gym time that included scooters!

Check out the pictures tab for a better look at our week!

Next Week:

We will be busy preparing for  our Thanksgiving Feast! Thanks to the room parents for getting that list sent out to you and thank you also for signing up!  The list is filled and we ask that you bring the items Monday, November 12 and Tuesday, November 13.  The feast will be on Friday, November 15.  This is a change from the original information that was given to you with the sign-up link.


  • Jolly Phonics: We will begin group 7, our final group of sounds, next week! Please review groups 1-6 at home.
  • Journaling: We continue to work on “writing the sounds we hear” in our journals and are using our word walls to help create a sentence!  We are also working on adding more detail to our pictures.
  • Sight words: We will continue to focus on color words & went, play, have, my, by.
  • Nonfiction and fiction Thanksgiving read alouds and also at the listening center.
  • We will introduce vowels: A, E, I, O, U and sometimes Y goes with us too!
  • Reading strategies:  during guided reading we are focusing on using the following strategies: “get your mouth ready,” “what makes sense?” using the pictures as clues and looking for chunks


  • Counting to 30 by ones. Do this in the car!
  • Counting by 10s.
  • Counting and representing to 20, focusing on TEEN NUMBERS; At home: print out this double tens frame and use any small manipulatives to show numbers 1-20.  “How many groups of ten in that number?”  “How many ones are left over?”
  • Practicing 1-1 counting; this means each time we point to a new item, we should hear a new number being spoken.
  • Answer “how many?” when given a group of items to count.
  • Identify flat, 2D shapes: triangle, circle, square, rectangle, oval, diamond.
  • Making tally marks to practice “bundles of 5″ and groups of 10”.
  • Comparing two numbers using ><= up to 20. At home: get out a deck of cards and play war!
  • Graphing:  At home: When your child comes home with a graph, ask questions like, “how many more?” “how many less?” “which has the most? The least?”


We will continue to discuss what we are thankful for and will add a thankful feather to our turkey in the hallway.

Science/Social Studies:

We will use Halloween candy to experiment with sinking and floating.  We will read and learn about the first Thanksgiving and will prepare for our feast by creating things like hats and placemats and cooking!