JK Newsletter September 9, 2022

Fall is in the air! We have been enjoying our time outdoors. The kids have enjoyed their recess time playing ball with classmates and also lots of pretty chalk drawings too! Ask your children who they played with at recess. The social emotional well being of our students has been a big focus. Learning how to share toys, take turns, and include others are just a few of the components to forming friendships, and is a big part of our program.

Religion: God gives us families to show his love for us.  We also Sang Happy Birthday to Blessed Mother on her feast day. 

Literacy: We learned the letter “T’ and “I” this week! Ask your children to show you how to show you the hand motion for the sound for these letters.  Next week we will be learning  letters “P” and “N”.

In Phonemic Awareness the kids have been taking apart compound words and putting them together with a clap. For example, class room- classroom(clap). they are also “taking off the beginning sound of the word, for example say bat, child responds with /b/, the beginning sound. Try a few with your child while eating dinner and heading to Grandmas house:)

Math: Counting, sorting, and tally marks are all things we are continuing to work on.  We are also working on number formation as well!

A few reminders:

  • Please bring a 4×6 family picture for our JK board.
  • We will be going to Mass every Tuesday at 8am!

Have a wonderful weekend! 

The JK Team