Kindergarten Newsletter, October 31

Upcoming Events/mark your calendars:

  • Monday, November 4: Hot Lunch, Little Joe’s
  • Tuesday, November 5: Assembly
  • Wednesday, November 5: Picture Re-take day and Hot lunch, Noodles
  • Friday, November 8: Hot Lunch, Meatheads

This Week:

Happy Halloween!  First snow and Halloween in the same week, why not!?  Such excitement this week!  Please click HERE to see the pictures from the week!

Don’t forget to complete the Halloween candy sort and tally sheet and turn in next week so we can discuss!

Next Week:

New table teams next week!  Our table team shapes will now be COLOR WORDS.  At home: Ask your child about his/her new table team name on Monday.  Ask your child which friends sit at his/her table team.

Language Arts:

  • Word wall/high frequency words:  Current words are: a, and, do, go, have, i, is, like, no, see, the, too, we, will, yes, you; we will introduce COLOR words next week-red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, white, black, brown, pink; we will learn many, many new songs and chants to help the children learn these words. I’m sure you will hear them at home! 🙂
  • Jolly Phonics:  We will finish group 6 sounds: ch, sh, th; At home: review sounds from groups 1-5.
  • Journaling and shared writing: As we reach the end of introducing Jolly Phonics sounds, we will begin daily journaling and shared writing (the children help the teacher fill in missing letters, words on chart paper).  We have introduced journaling as drawing a picture and labeling that picture with a word.  The children are asked to “write the sounds they hear.”  This is what you should encourage at home.  If your child spells “table” as “taibl”–don’t correct!  Tell him/her that looks great, he/she wrote the sounds he/she heard.  Correct spelling will come later.  Right now, focus on helping our child hear the sounds in words and build a CONFIDENT writer.  Constantly correcting spelling will hinder that progress. Journaling will continue next week and daily journaling will begin when we complete group 7 sounds.
  • Thanksgiving books will be at the listening center.

Religion: We will learn a new song next week as we enter the month of November, the month of Thanksgiving.  We will learn that all gifts come from God and Thanksgiving is a day that reminds us to be thankful for all that God has given us.  Ask your child to sing the song to you at the end of the week.  Hint: “the earth below, the sky above, the food we eat, the friends we love…”


  • Counting by 1s to 30.
  • We will learn counting by 10s to 100.
  • Teen numbers:  We will use base ten blocks to create teen numbers.
  • Halloween graph and patterning: we will wrap up a few Halloween math activities that we didn’t get to this past week!

Science/Social Studies: We will begin to learn about the first Thanksgiving.  We will have our own Thanksgiving Feast in kindergarten.  The room moms will be sending a sign-up genius link soon for different food items we will need.  Watch for that in the coming weeks!