JK Newsletter April 12, 2024

Happy Friday! We had a great week back after Easter break!  We came back with a Lunar Eclipse and closed out the week
with our walk-a-thon! Your kids did many “laps” and will sleep well tonight 🙂
Things to ask your children?
-Did they have fun at the walk-a-thon?
-What is your favorite sign of spring?
-What color Bird did you make?
Religion: We are focusing on all the goodness the God always brings us! We show God our love by being kind.  BE KIND is in our morning message each day, we hope you seeing your children doing KIND things at home too!
Literacy: We are looking for POPcorn words in our daily message and in our books.  Please continue that while reading books at home.
Math: We are focusing on numbers 10-30 with sorting and proper formation.
Social studies:  Birds, worms, bugs.. all things spring! We are really enjoying the weather reports in the morning. Your kids have all gained such confidence as the class Meteorologist, and the audience has been amazing listeners in support of their classmates!
Have a great weekend!
The JK Team